• Sector : Future of Commerce Investment Date : March 2023
  • Co-Founders : Michael Holzmann, David Benhaim C4 Ventures leads : Boris, Alexandre
  • HQ : Paris, France Website : https://wethenew.com

What they do

Wethenew has rapidly established itself as a leader in the contemporary fashion industry, focusing on the sale of limited-edition sneakers and exclusive streetwear. As an innovator in the resale market, Wethenew distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and trendsetting in fashion.

The company’s primary mission is to offer a safe and trustworthy platform for sneaker enthusiasts and fashion lovers to purchase 100% authentic, limited-release products from top-tier brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy or New Balance. Wethenew’s stringent authentication processes ensure the legitimacy of every item, securing customer trust and upholding the integrity of the brands they represent.

Wethenew has quickly gained acclaim for its user-centric online platform and exemplary customer service. The company excels in providing a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, covering all aspects from product selection to purchase and delivery, thereby ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Since its establishment, Wethenew has experienced exponential growth and acclaim, especially among young consumers who are deeply connected to street culture and environmentally responsible fashion practices. The company has received notable recognition in various fashion and business outlets, affirming its status as a reliable and influential entity in the modern streetwear and sneaker sector.

In 2022 Wethenew has impressively reached a sales volume of 100 million Euros, with 25% of its business extending beyond France, showcasing its international appeal and market penetration. Michael and David’s vision and leadership have propelled Wethenew into a thriving enterprise, seamlessly connecting people worldwide with the latest and most coveted items in street fashion, and significantly influencing the contemporary landscape of fashion consumption.

How we met

Initially, we weren’t seeking another consumer investment. Yet, the exceptional user experience on Wethenew’s website suggested to us that this wasn’t just any ordinary marketplace. Their sophisticated technology, with its impressive scalability, convinced us of the potential to craft a European market leader. This belief was further reinforced after meeting the founders, Michael and David, whose insights and strategy for growth truly aligned with our vision. Thank you Nicolas Tcherkadoff for knowing our investment taste so well and putting us in touch!