• Sector : Commerce | Smart Mobility Investment Date : May 2016
  • Founders : Daniel Ramot, Oren Shoval C4 Ventures team : Pascal
  • HQ : New York City and Tel Aviv Website : www.ridewithvia.com

What they do:
Via is re-engineering public transit from a rigid system of fixed routes and schedules to a dynamic, on-demand shared service.
Operating in New York since September 2013 and then in Chicago, Via enables tens of thousands of passengers to seamlessly share daily their rides. Via’s smart routing algorithms dynamically matche passengers’ mobile app requests with available vehicle seats, creating an affordable, convenient, and premium shared transit service.
In 2012, co-founders Daniel Ramot and Oren Shoval came up with Via’s idea based on a practice from Israel, where people rely on shared vehicles called sheruts providing cheap and quick rides.

How we met:
Pascal met Daniel and Oren in New York and he obviously went to the meeting with Via!
He was impressed by his experience of the service, but even more seduced by Daniel and Oren explaining how they transposed the idea and made it work so effectively in New York.
We are delighted to support their vision of Via creating the public transit system of the future reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and support them to expand the service in other geographies.