• Sector : Digital Media Technologies Investment Date : May 2018
  • Founders : Vincent Nallatamby, Julien Goupy, Thomas Girardier C4 Ventures team : Olivier
  • HQ : Paris, France Website : www.tempow.com

What they do
Tempow is redefining the way bluetooth is used to stream audio. Their technology boosts the current protocol to offer best in class user-experience. Their first product allows smartphones to stream music to several Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Bluetooth chipsets are relatively cheap to implement and their presence in billions of devices makes it the most widely adopted Personal Area Network technology and for good reasons. The explosion of IoT devices will keep fuelling the need for Bluetooth continued development. But this technology is too complicated for equipment manufacturers to handle. This is where Tempow comes in by reshaping the value chain of bluetooth and moving its center of gravity towards software. For C4 Ventures, it is perfectly at the intersection of smart Hardware and digital media technologies investment themes.

The founders
We’ve know the founding team since the very beginning of their journey when Vincent, Julien and Thomas were finishing their studies. We actually¬†dug into the historic of our conversations with Vincent, and realised our first email was exchanged in early 2016! Vincent even secretly came to work at our offices on a Friday afternoon in London when no one was around…
We’ve always been impressed by the exceptional technical skills they showed and the knowledge of bluetooth very few people have in the industry.