• Sector : Commerce | Fashion Investment Date : Exited
  • Founder : Nathalie Gaveau C4 Ventures team : Christophe
  • Location : London Website : www.shopcade.com

What they do
Shopcade is a London-based global mobile platform for fashion shopping that allows users to discover and shop new products, create looks and wish lists and get exclusive deals. Shopcade’s growing user base includes celebrities, tastemakers and fashion influencers.
In March 2017, Shopcade was acquired by Lagardere Active.

The founders
Nathalie, the founder & CEO at Shopcade, was a natural fit with C4 Ventures – as Francophile as Pascal, she is committed to supporting the French technology community and industry. Nathalie also has an amazing track record, having co-founded PriceMinister, the French marketplace acquired by Rakuten for $200m in 2010.
Nathalie’s passion and background combined with Shopcade’s unique offering make Shopcade an exciting investment for us. The way people are shopping is continually evolving, as fashion trendsetters now range from Instagram personalities to more traditional print magazine columnists, and the path to purchase for consumers ranges from window-shopping to blog-browsing. Shopcade is addressing this shift by making shopping social and engaging customers in the world of e-commerce.