• Sector : Future of Commerce Investment Date : June 2021
  • Co-Founders : Killian Kaminski, Peter Windischhofer, Jurgen Riedl C4 Ventures team : Boris
  • Location : Vienna, Austria Website : www.refurbed.com

What they do
Refurbed is a European online marketplace for refurbished electronics with a unique focus on quality and a different, friendlier approach towards device suppliers. Every phone, laptop, tablet or device entering the platform has followed a 40-step process between “pre-loved” and “ready for sale” status.
Some say it’s as good as new. We say it’s better than new. Items are up to 40% cheaper than their retail counterparts and enjoy a minimum 12-months guarantee in addition to an extended lifespan for a more positive environmental impact. Since launching in 2017, Refurbed has saved 170 tons of electronic devices from going to waste, resulting in a cumulative reduction in CO2 impact by 31,000 tons. Their focus on quality leads to happy, recurring customers and therefore contributes to significant shift in society in terms of how electronic devices are consumed.
Refurbed operates in Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Italy and Poland and plans to expand to three other countries by the end of 2021.

How we met
We had been monitoring the market of refurbished electronics for some time before Kilian, Peter and Jurgen reached out to us for their Series B round. We were impressed by their virtuous approach that led the firm to triple its growth number in 2020 and see a GMV of over €100M.