• Sector : Quantum Computing Investment Date : November 2019
  • Founders : Jeremy O’Brien, Mark Thompson, Terry Rudolph, Pete Shadbolt C4 Ventures team : Michel
  • Location : Palo Alto Website : www.psiquantum.com

What they do
PsiQuantum aims at creating the world’s first useful general purpose quantum computer. Building on its founders’ expertise and on recent breakthroughs, the company uses a photonics-based and Fault Tolerance approach to quantum computing in order to reach the critical threshold of 1,000,000 physical qubits, while distilling out 100 to 300 error-corrected or logical qubits from that total.
Amongst other things, photons are intrinsically low-noise and do not feel heat, thereby reducing the need for cooling down quantum computers. They can also navigate between different silicon chips, which is crucial as it would be impossible to build a quantum computer using only one chip. Eventually, while other quantum experiments rely on custom manufacturing, these chips can be produced in regular manufacturing facilities, making PsiQuantum’s approach highly scalable.

How we met
All founders are renowned individuals teaching in world-class universities and authors of many papers, some of them being breakthroughs in the field. Pascal met Jeremy at the Founders Forum, and we were impressed by the team’s knowledge and their scalable approach of the subject.