• Sector : Digital Media Technologies Investment Date : March 2014
  • CEO/Founder : Efe Cakarel C4 Ventures team : Olivier
  • Location : London, UK Website : mubi.com

What they do
MUBI is a curated streaming service with a unique subscription model. For £4.99 per month, MUBI will bring you an amazing film every day and you have 30 days to watch it. This means there is always a hand-picked selection of the best cult, classic, independent and award-winning films for members to enjoy. As e-commerce continues to merge with media, we found MUBI to be an innovative business model within eTailing, and Efe Cakarel’s passion for cinema infectious.
MUBI’s offering fundamentally differentiates from existing streaming services, which are typically mass market with a wide selection of relatively random offerings (and now some select original content). MUBI maintains that human curatorial component so essential in a time where we are overwhelmed with content; MUBI celebrates and champions those unforgettable films that cannot be distilled into an algorithm.

The founder
Working with Efe is awesome and we like him as much as his business: Charismatic, astute, well connected and funny, Efe continues to challenge Pascal on who can discover the best bottle of wine. We wholeheartedly share Efe’s vision and love for cinema, which makes working with MUBI as fun as it is forward-thinking.