• sector : Commerce | Hypercustomisation Investment Date : September 2015
  • Founders : Hal Watts, Ben Alun-Jones & Kirsty Emery C4 Ventures team : Olivier
  • Location : London, UK Website : unmade.com

What they do

Unmade (previously Knyttan) sits at the intersection of fashion and tech. The London-based brand applies the concept of 3D printing to industrial knitting machines, creating high quality customised clothes to order. Customers can use Unmade’s website to create their unique knitwear (jumpers, scarves, etc.) by manipulating designer patterns, and then watch the clothes be produced in store or receive them at home.

Unmade represents three key trends we believe in:
1. Hyper-customisation of products – clothes are uniquely created by each user and tagged with their name on the label
2. Curation of the shopping experience – provides carefully selected base-designs and patterns
3. Disrupting customer experience – factory shop concept adds a fun and unique element to the shopping experience

We see Unmade’s concept as pioneering in the fashion/tech industry, and are excited to be part of their development and growth.

How we met

We first came across Unmade at a Techstars demo day event, and Olivier immediately fell in love with the concept. In our initial meeting, Olivier and Pascal had a good laugh with Co-founder Hal Watts, when, after conducting our first meeting entirely in English, Hal surprised them and switched to fluent French for a second meeting.