• Sector : Future of Work Investment Date : March 2022
  • CEO & Founder : Alexandre Dardy C4 Ventures team : Eric, Boris, Enzo
  • Location : Paris, France Website : www.iziwork.com

What they do
The average salary of temporary “blue collar” workers has not grown higher than 1% in 20 years. About 2/3 of these workers struggle to live a decent life (i.e. become home owners) because they struggle to find consistent and adequate temporary missions.

Iziwork is a marketplace that manages to connect temporary workers with companies looking for a specific expertise or hard-to-find skills. Their unique ability to find the optimal match for every mission gives them a true competitive edge in the recruitment market.

In addition, thanks to its network of local HR experts, Iziwork provides the workers with both digital management of administrative activities and human support in accessing life services (rent guarantees, loan requests, saving accounts, online training, medical visits online, etc.).

More than a platform to find their next missions, Iziwork is becoming THE everyday platform for workers.

Today, Iziwork operates across France and Italy and works with top companies such as PSA Group, Casino, FNAC Darty, Carrefour, Conforama, Leroy Merlin, Lime among others…

How we met
We met Alexandre Dardy through an introduction by Pierre Poignant, the founder & CEO of Branded, another C4 Ventures company. After our very first conversation, we were blown away by Alexandre’s clear vision and sense of urgency combined with a deep sense of humility. After a few weeks, not only were our first impressions confirmed, we also realized Alexandre had been able to surround himself with equally amazing talent.