• Sector : Hardware | 3D Printing Investment Date : August 2016
  • Founders : Maxim Lobovsky, Natan Linder & David Cranor C4 Ventures team : Pascal
  • HQ : Boston, MA Website : www.formlabs.com

What they do
Since 2012, Formlabs has been disrupting 3D Printing industry: they develop an affordable high-resolution printer to enable designers, engineers, and creators to easily realize their dream product in beautiful physical form at a fraction of the cost of industrial 3D printers.

Formlabs took an existing technology called stereolithography (SLA) and made it accessible and user-friendly. The launch of Form2 in September 2015 marked a significant advance on Form1+, one of the most well-reviewed and highly recommended 3D printers on the market for a wide variety of users, ranging from hobbyists to professionals.

How we met
The whole team has always been passionate by 3D Printing: one of us even got a 3D scan and print of himself (only for testing purposes of course).

Pascal, Max and Natan have known each other for a few years and Pascal never misses an occasion to swing by Boston and talk about Formlabs marketing strategy and Max and Natan share their passion for technology coming out of the MIT

It was only a question of time before C4 Ventures invested.