• Sector : Smart Hardware | Networks Investment Date : March 2019
  • Founders : Ido Susan & Hillel Kobrinsky C4 Ventures team : Pascal, Michel
  • HQ : Tel Aviv, Israel Website : www.drivenets.com

What they do
We love smart Hardware at C4 Ventures. Sometimes this means disrupting existing hardware manufacturers by building smart software running on commoditized hardware. This is what DriveNets has done!

At the time of the greatest demand surge in telco history, DriveNets disrupts the way networks are built, scaled, operated and paid for.

The company has developed a software-only solution that allows Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to switch from expensive monolithic routers to commodity hardware with a fixed all-you-can-eat software licensing model. CSPs will be able to scale up at less cost without compromising security or performance, which will rather increase thanks to network unification and automation. The technology was already adopted by major tier-1 network operators.

We are very excited to be part of DriveNets’ mission to create the best performing CSP networks with disruptive economics.

How we met
Olivier spent a few years at Orange building telecom Cost models for M&A activities. He was always shocked by the amount of money Telecom operators had to spend on routers and switches to be able to keep up with the consumers voracious appetite for Data.

On his side, thanks to his role at Apple, Pascal has become very familiar with the challenges of Telecom Operators. When they heard of the software Ido and Hillel, both serial telco entrepreneurs were building, they knew they had found the perfect solution for their old friends running telecom operators. They were flattered that DriveNets chose C4 Ventures for their Series A.