• Sector : Commerce | Market Place Investment Date : February 2017
  • Founders : Adel Zakout & Tom Mallory C4 Ventures team : Boris
  • HQ : London Website : www.clippings.com

What they do
Shopping habits have changed dramatically over the past few years in so many industries with a shift to online retailing. However, Furniture and Interior Design in particular are late to the digitisation game with only 4% of spending occurring online. So, when a unique marketplace with a virtuous business model onboards hundreds of the top design brands to revolutionise an offline and opaque industry like furniture and lighting sourcing, we would have been crazy not to listen. 

Lead by Serial Entrepreneurs Adel and Tom, Clippings is the UK’s online destination for sourcing furniture and lighting. It alleviates crucial pain points in the discovery and purchase experience for trade customers – architects and interior designers who need to specify furniture and lighting regularly. Clippings enables these customers to search over a million products through a single interface, get dynamic information on lead times, transparent pricing and manage their orders to their needs.

Clippings is the embodiment of the Future of Commerce for interior design and we are excited to be part of their development. 

How we met
Boris had been investigating the online furniture space for a while when Stuart, another great entrepreneur put us in contact with Clippings. When he first met Adel and Tom, Boris was impressed by the pair, their industry knowledge and experience but also by their unique vision. In fact, even the architects Pascal work with on his personal projects are now addicted to Clippings!