• Sector : HR Tech Investment Date : May 2020
  • CEO : Gal Rimon C4 Ventures team : Boris
  • HQ : New York, USA Website : www.centrical.com

What they do
Centrical’s Founder and CEO, Gal Rimon, was the top executive for a business intelligence (BI) software company. BI let managers know how employees are doing, but it typically does not convey how to turn manager insights into employee performance. Gal Rimon saw an unfulfilled need and found that applying gamification to learning or training processes would improve employee engagement and knowledge levels, and, as a result, performance would rise. It was effective. It used game mechanics. He called the company GamEffective. Not a bad name at the time.

Six years later, the company has evolved to be about much more than gamified learning. GamEffective became Centrical, an AI-powered platform addressing all dimensions of employee performance by placing employees at the center of work processes. It relies on three core components: advanced gamification, personalized microlearning and real-time performance management. In short, better motivation, better learning, better feedback.

Part of the recipe for success, Centrical also shines through diversity as demonstrated by Gal’s #1 spot in the global SMB ranking of CEOs for diversity by Comparably.

Centrical operates in New York City and Israel and works with many of the world’s top companies, including Microsoft, Novartis, Adobe, Teleperformance, Unilever, and Swiss Life, among others.

How we met
All of our meetings with Gal were on Zoom as we looked at Centrical in the middle of the Covid lockdown, but that didn’t prevent him to win us over. HR tech had been on our radar for a long time so we knew that they had found the right formula in terms of market fit and economics to scale globally, but we were still impressed by their ability to execute in record time, both on product and commercial initiatives.

A good example of that is Centrical Connect, a product they released at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, to address WFH organisations, leading to record low sales cycles and record-high user engagement.