• Sector : Future of Work Investment Date : August 2022
  • Founder : Lionel Elbaz C4 Ventures team : Boris
  • Location : Paris, France Website : www.allisone.ai

What they do
Today, 65% of patients don’t go through with their dental treatment because they haven’t fully grasped what’s at stake. Allisone is an AI-enabled software that offers dental professionals tools to improve their medical, administrative and communication flows with patients.

Where the human eye needs several minutes and a lot of experience, Allisone’s AI compares and evaluates millions of images in one second. It can color code in real time the lesions seen on dental X-rays and then provide educational cards and reports for patients. In doing so, it acts as a catalyst to getting patients to follow through with their care.

The product, launched in its beta version in 2022, already brings support on a daily basis to more than 1000 practitioners who have already created more than 20,000 patient files, analysed more than 300,000 elements on dental x-rays and validated 70,000 treatment acts.

From our experience as early investors in the 3D-printing unicorn Formlabs, which brings in-house production to the entire dental industry, we have become very familiar with the problems that dentists can face in their daily workflows. When we met Lionel, Cédric and Sacha, we knew that the AI they had built promised many upheavals in the world of dentistry; only for the better!