• Sector : Hardware | Virtual Reality Investment Date : August 2015
  • CEO/Founder : Richard Ollier C4 Ventures team : Olivier, Inès
  • Location : Lille, France Website : www.giroptic.com

What they do
Our world is not flat and framed but traditional cameras only capture a small portion of the action, limited by the field of view of the device.

Giroptic goes beyond that and its high definition 360º camera breaks through this limitation. It’s now amazingly simple to record and share live the entire experience in 360. Using a patented technology, the Giroptic iO forever changes the way we capture and experience life around us. Up. Down. All Around.


The Founder
We engaged with Giroptic thanks to our friends at Partech Ventures who argued we would bring a lot for the company’s development. In a matter of two days, Giroptic’s founder Richard Ollier came to London to meet us, Olivier went to Lille to meet the rest of team. Richard impressed us by his talent as an engineer but also and more importantly as a visionary and resilient entrepreneur. Richard definitively shares our passion for amazing products with beautiful design.