• Sector : Hardware | Industry 4.0 Investment Date : September 2016
  • CEO & Founder : Natan Linder C4 Ventures team : Pascal
  • HQ : Boston, MA Website : www.tulip.co

What they do

What comes to one’s mind when we talk about ‘industry’ and ‘manufacturing’? Most probably heavy processes, assembly lines, raw manpower and other images of the first industrial revolution.

Tulip is one of those companies that will turn upside down our traditional conception of manufacturing. Since 2014, they have been at the forefront of what we could call ‘Industry 4.0’.
By bringing in Industrial IoT technologies into the industrial landscape, they are building the factory of the future. A seamless integration of cloud-based software services with plug & play hardware made possible the creation of a beautiful platform that automatically collects and analyzes important production data from shop floor sensors and equipment.

Simply put, Tulip is the definition of technology at the service of men

How we met

Natan is definitely part of C4 Ventures history. We first met him 2 years ago when he was still busy disrupting the 3D Printing industry as cofounder of Formlabs, another company in which we are lucky to have invested.

We were so convinced by Natan’s leadership and skills that we knew it would be a matter of months before he came up with another amazing project. This is exactly what he did with Tulip.

A strong leader and a disruptive product. Could we really dream of anything better?